Media Temple Launches Managed Cloud Hosting Solution For AWS

Cloud hosting is one of the most important web hosting services today, and perhaps that is why Media Temple launched managed cloud hosting solution for AWS recently. Indeed, the demand for cloud managed services outstrips the supply, as both small and large enterprises have clearly understood the value of the cloud to their businesses.

Media Temple

Media Temple, Inc. has been offering hosting and virtualization services since 1998 its new managed cloud hosting solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) deserves an honorable mention. It allows users of Amazon Web Services to migrate their apps or websites to AWS using a robust infrastructure that meets their needs in the most cost-effective way.

Being a member of Amazon’s Partner Network, Media Temple collaborated with AWS to make their managed cloud services available to e-commerce, creative agencies, content providers, web developers and SaaS, not forgetting enterprise businesses. Actually, all internet professionals who have complex apps and high-traffic websites have something to smile about after this launch.

Before the launch, Media Temple conducted several pilot tests to ascertain the usability of the service and the advantages it has to both new and existing AWS customers. The tests revealed that the services were very useful to the customers, because, on top of allowing the customers get the maximum benefit from the public cloud, they were scalable and cheap.

With this launch, Media Temple promises to continue being in the forefront in providing web hosting services that add value to its clients. Its certified and highly trained customer care professionals ensure that they offer support services around the clock to those who need them. This team literally walks you through the service so that you know the nitty and gritty of its usability to you and your customers.

These new managed cloud services for AWS does not cost an arm or a leg since Media Temple aims to create value to its clients. It is offered on a pay-as-you-go platform for large projects. There are also four plans for you to choose from, depending on your needs. The essential plan goes for only $199 per month, and it is the basic plan for those who need simple cloud managed services for AWS. The Advanced level comes next, and it is available at $399 per month. The premium plan goes for $799 per month while the executive plan, which is the most sophisticated costs $1599. AWS service costs are not included in these plans and their prices may change any time depending on the demand and supply forces. There is great value for your money in each of these plans as they offer several options for performance tuning, security, site migration and automated backups, among other services.

All in all, as Media Temple launches managed cloud hosting solution for AWS, more light is shed on the ability to make use of the scalability and flexibility of AWS in the most cost-effective way. This new infrastructure has a lot to offer to AWS customers, and that is why everyone is currently going for it. Indeed, Media Temple is the web hosting partner that aims at offering cost-optimized high-quality services to its clients.